Since 2003


The Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge (MMC) is a network of municipalities that features events, benchmarking and assessment reports, on-going energy and water reporting, analytical tools, and awards and recognition.

By joining the Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge (MMC), municipalities can:

  • Learn strategies to save energy and reduce utility costs
  • Compare energy and water use with other municipalities
  • Establish energy use targets and estimate cost savings potential
  • Access expert advice on and support with technical and regulatory matters
  • Network at forums and participate in webinars
  • Share knowledge and best practices
  • Be recognized for achievements through awards
  • Demonstrate leadership in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Inspire organizations and individuals to take action towards healthier, more sustainable communities


Fundamental to the program is the sharing of knowledge and best practices between members through our webinars. Real data makes the webinars practical and we structure them to lead to action. The content is member-driven, and we highlight successes and address issues and challenges of real building managers and operators. The focus is always on collective solutions from diverse perspectives and experiences.


Net Zero Ice Rink Feasibility Study

We are undertaking a cohort net zero ice rink feasibility study with interested municipalities across Canada. Working together, an integrated team of municipalities, leading technical experts, consultants, and manufacturers, will determine the most effective net zero carbon design, implementation plan and support needed to get these ice rinks to net zero.

Community Centre Challenge

The Community Centre Challenge was formally launched in 2016. Through three webinars, and the Annual Forum, we formalized the diagnostic methodology in a white paper, identified and reported on top-performing facilities, shared with members the actual performance, savings potential and energy conservation actions for their facilities, and reported on top-energy-savings facilities for 2015-16. See our publications for more information.

Town Hall Challenge

The Town Hall Challenge was conducted from 2012-2015, with municipalities across Canada invited to work towards 20 ekWh/sq ft of total energy intensity by the year 2015. The initiative led to substantial energy efficiency improvements in participating buildings, several of which met the target. Winners (Mississauga Civic Centre and Moncton City Hall) were announced in 2016. We continue to work with town/ city Halls using interval meter data to help point to where the biggest energy conservation opportunities are to be found. See our publications for more information.

Bringing municipalities together to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance in their own buildings and contribute more broadly to mitigating climate change and making their communities more sustainable.