Deep retrofitting existing buildings to net zero carbon can be expensive and require technical expertise and training. Our cohort projects’ will develop the most cost-effective solution and determine the long term plan to get them implemented. This requires timing steps toward net zero with planned capital renewal, equipment replacement and implementing energy efficiency.

The roadmaps will inform the pathway to net zero carbon for existing facilities across Canada. What we learn through developing the technical solutions and the policy and organization innovations will be used to scale change in existing municipal buildings across Canada.

Image of Mayors' Megawatt Challenge - Net Zero Pathways Chart.

Benefits of a Cohort Project

  • Efficiency: combined federal, municipal and sponsorship funding, along with the leverage of expert resources, for an in-depth examination of design options  
  • Versatility: each municipality has its systems and processes so, by working together, the team will identify ways to be flexible and a process that will work for all 
  • Learning from each other: a wider range of expertise, experience, and insight will mean better, more effective solutions than figuring it out alone 
  • Greater confidence: working with others reduces the risk in considering new solutions 
  • Wider impact: approach can be replicated across other facilities
  • Working together: connecting with municipalities with similar goals, as well as leading experts, supportive suppliers, and consultants

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