MMC Forum 2020 Day 1 – An Actionable Roadmap to Net Zero Ice Rinks


November 10 2020


9:00 am - 11:30 am

Day 1 recording: An Actionable Roadmap to Net Zero Ice Rinks

Day 1 Q&A recording: MMC Forum 2020 – Q&A session

An Actionable Roadmap to Net Zero Ice Rinks: From technical solutions to practical implementation

On Day 1 of the Forum we discussed developing an actionable roadmap for ice rinks, including data-driven targets, an integrated design team approach with a team of experts, and planning for implementation over time. Leading ice rink technical experts discussed high impact conservation measures under consideration, covering energy efficiency, heat recovery and renewables.  We also explored support for implementation, including what municipalities need and what gets in the way.  Savings awards for municipal buildings with greater than 10% energy savings were also announced.

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